5 Walks for Civic

CIVIC is intended as an interrogation the city, an invitation to propose architectural and other interventions for a number of sites across Swansea; a process of observation and speculation to create an imaginative, discursive and creative space within the gallery.

How will the city be investigated? A number of local architectural practices, makers, writer and artists will be asked to participate and a number of sites and themes identified. Architects, artists and writers will be asked to produce or propose responses to a site, pairing an architect with another practitioner for each site (the term site may be expanded to incorporate the idea of ‘between sites’ or other interpretations).

Before the exhibition architects, artists, writers, academics, residents and makers will ‘walk and talk’ the city and start to approach the questions it poses.

It is hoped that the project will combine contributors with a deep knowledge of the city, those who have lived and worked in Swansea over time, with those who bring thoughts and ideas from other locations. The exhibition will acknowledge the skills already present in the city and create a forum for discussion between local professionals and those with knowledge from of elsewhere.

Bella Kerr, Curator, Civic 2014


For the exhibition I went on 5 walks which will become an ongoing from of documentation and research and become a library of podcasts. In the exhibition the walks are available to listen to on a headset and a range of books and catalogues connected to the themes of the walks are available.  Also on display is a the Anti Architecture banner used in walks and workshops to reclaim space as ‘free space’ or as spaces for temporary structures, interventions and soft architecture. Alongside the banner and the books is the above Walk Map available as a free poster from the gallery.


IMG_7917 IMG_7904 IMG_7894

Walk 1, London, with Nils Norman. From Bethnal Green Road though the cliff edge of capitalism to Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet Street.

Tags: Gentrification, privatisation, pubs, phsycho geographical ley lines.



IMG_7979 IMG_5529 IMG_7982

Walk 2, Lewisham, South London with Bella Kerr. Walter Segal Close, meeting residents Barbra,Tony, Kahled and Ian

Tags: Self build, social housing, community land share, architecture, Colin Ward, Walter Segal.



P1020086 P1020051 P1020070

Walk 3, ‘Newport Brutalism’ with Mr&Mrs Clark. Walking from the old market to a deserted shopping centre to John Frost Square.

Tags: Privatisation, urban terrorism, Newport council,  Quuensbusry Property developers, mural demolition, closure and resistance!




Walk 4 Swansea with Andy Jones. Townhill Circular. From the ‘Gangies’ to the Competition houses with panoramic views to Mayhill to Gorse and back.

Tags: Boys from the Hill (band), the Urban cowboy by Andy Jones, Celtic hill forts, joy riders, luftwafer, pioneering social housing, garden city, Ebenezer Howard.

P1020111 P1020138

Walk 5 Catrin Saran James and Tom Cheesman

Kilvey Hill to the Kingsway and St Helens Road

Tags: Copper industry, Morris Castle, industrialisation,  new cut road, postwar development, Swansea Bay Asylum Seeker Support Group, community.


Walk 6 – Copenhagen with Brett Bloom  TBC…