CIVIC is a network of artists and architects in conversation.

A sculptural installation commissioned for Cardiff Contemporary Festival of Art; a library and reading space. Texts, books, references, articles and items were all connected to the CIVIC collective research which include urban planning, alternative urban and rural models, historic context, new sustainable models, urban planning critique.

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512YYRGGGML._AC_UL320_SR220,320_ Skateboarding, Space and the City

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs.

Cracks in the Asphalt: Community Gardens of San Francisco by Alex Hatch.

The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre

Talking Houses: Ten lectures by Colin Ward

Talking Green by Colin Ward

Bureau Detours – Benny Henningsen

Architecture without Architects by Bernard Rudolfsky

Self-Reliance Library – Temporary Services

Psychogeography by Merlin Coverley

Creating Sustainable Cities by Herbert Girardet

Talking to Architects: Ten lectures by Colin Ward

Edibe Estates: Attach on the Front Lawn – Fritz Haeg

Rekindling Community: Connecting People, Environment and Spirituaity by Alastair McIntosh

Revisiting Utopia: Modernist Architecture in the Post-regenerate City by Craig Atkinson

Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body by Iain Borden

The Contemporary Picturesque by Nils Norman

How to set up a housing co-operative – Radical Routes (pamphlet)

The Party’s Over: Beyond Politics, Beyond Democracy (Pamphlet)

A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain by Owen Hatherley

The Concrete Dragon: China’s Urban Revolution and What it means for the world by Thomas J. Campanella

Art and Architecture: A Place Between by Jane Rendell

Family and Kinship in East London by Michael Young and Peter Willmott

Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the city by Bradley L. Garrett

Transitory Gardens, Uprooted Lives by Diana Balmori and Margaret Morton

West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California – Iain Boal

Gentrification -Loretta Lees, Tom Slater and Elvin Wyly

Cotters and Squatters: Housing’s Hidden History by Colin Ward

Mobile Phenomena complied by Temporary Services

Postmodern Geographies: The Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory by Edward W. Soja

Eetbaar Park – Nils Norman

The Urban Homestead: your guide to self-sufficient living in the heart of the city by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen

The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud and the Paris Commune by Kristin Ross

RIBA Journal: July 2009 (Journal)

City Futures: The challenges and opportunities of urbanization (printed text)

Architects Journal (Serpentine Pavilion) 04.07.14

Rural Urban Synthesis Society – by RUSS (Proposal for Lewisham)

The Production of Space: Henri Lefebvre (printed text)

OMA Progress / Barbican Leaflet

Rebel Cities by David Harvey