Here Come The Waves

Nebbet, Fredrikstad.
A collaborative exhibition with Pia Eikass, Ingrid Førland and Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg responding to the coastal landscape of western Norway, friendship and Matisse seaweed cut-outs.
The exhibition comprised of a table with handmade tiles, a bath with seaweed for bathing during the exhibition, seaweed drying racks with different types of locally harvested seaweed, documentation of the harvesting during our stay in Fredrikstad.
Inspired by Matisse’s collaged seaweed leaves, friendship, collaboration and cooking we created an exhibition and event where visitors to the gallery could eat a soup made from local seaweed and mussels picked from the near beach. In specially made swimming costumes, printed with a simple mussel shell motive we dived and swam the coast picking and drying our harvest like characters in a Scandinavian story. Documentation of collecting and harvesting accompanied the installation.
A simple publication accompanied the exhibition in which a guide to the seaweed and some advice on gathering your own seaweed as well as an interview with Mei Setzu an artist and kelp enthusiasts based in Bergen, Norway.