Kelp Cooking

Dinner Party, After School Special, Bergen Kunsthall
Curated by Clara Morell


After School Special is a series of temporary short term interventions curated by artists and artist groups at Bergen Kunsthal.  As part of an event called Dinner Party I was invited to come and cook and talk about my work along with other artists.  Dinner Party was an interactive performative meal hosting discussions and performances based around food and culture. Responding to the coastline and seasonal food I collaborated with colleague and artist Mei Setzu.

We used local seaweeds to make a simple soup and kelp tasters which were presented to the guests as well as a short talk on the history and culture of seaweed.  Mei is an artist and kelp enthusiast based in Bergen and has been researching edible kelp and alternative uses of this amazing material for some years.
Research Images:
images-1  shetlandknittingsock-300x241
Houses on the Danish island Læsø where seaweed is used as thatch.
Archival image of Japanese seaweed harvesters.
Harvesting seaweed in the Shetland Islands
Commercial seaweed growing fields in Africa