LA Residency

Itinerary for LA trip is sketched out all over the studio wall.

This residency marks an exciting development in my work and research around sustainability, community, education and our need for shifts and preparation for other models and ideas – or the un-covering and rediscovery of old ones in new contexts. Supported by British Council USA and Idella Foundation my journey will begin in May and a month of travels, interviews and conversations will emerge.

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Meetings, conversations and hosting partners:

Fritz Haeg, Center For Land Use Interpretation, Katherine Ball – High Desesrt Test Sites at A to Z West, LA Community Garden Council, Edible Schoolyard, Bonnie Ora Sherk and others.

It is also hoped that more contacts, meetings and things will emerge during this journey through LA and throughout California, which will take me from Joshua Tree, to Berkley to San Francisco, Oakland and back to LA again.

Key research themes of the trip will be :

Land Use – Edible land, gardens and community, food production, cultural exchange, land shares,  non capitalist structures and models. Architecture and space – public and green…Socially engaged practice, education and the future of new models and old ideas.



Image Credits:

Fritz Haeg, Sundown School, Centre For Land Use Interoperation, Katherine Ball, ‘Crossroads  Community (the farm)’ documentation – Bonnie Ora Sherk.