Part 2 LA Research Journey

Center for Land Use Interpretation
‘Dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about how the nations land is appropriated utilized and perceived.’

Meeting and research at Centre for Land Use Interpretation with Aurora Tang and using the research library and planning our trip to the DRS Desert Research Space in Hinkley, Mojave Desert.

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CLUI’s exhibition at the LA base was on the US Solar Fields. Large scaled industrialized harvesting of the sun in a mono crop style, these vast areas of land are given over / procured by energy companies. Do these power plants seek to keep supply at current levels rather than question our energy needs and use?

This year more energy will enter the grid from solar power plants than ever before. Propelled by federal government incentives and California’s legislated decrease in dependence of fossil fuels, construction started on several $1-2 billion power plants in 2011, with most of them coming online in 2014.

With so many proposed projects, and so many stalled in the complicated political and regulatory process, it’s hard to know where things are really at.


The idea of renewable energy on this scale certainly seems necessary but is not related to any sense of shifting conscious.   Contentious land-use in the guise of renewables become paradoxical as the industrialization of harvesting natural resources mimic the mono crop mentality of Monsanto, swallowing huge parcels of land and natural habitat.

P1030071 P1030070Visiting the house, garden, studio and Sundown School base of Fritz Haeg in LA. Walking around the site with Fritz we talked about the site, the garden and the landscape as pedagogic tools at work in the process of the Sundown School, a new session starts June 7th. A series of gatherings of artists, students, producers and growers in all senses- the school becomes a temporary hive of exchange during these sessions. I will join the group on the 7th along with artist Jeanne Van Heswijk and curator Laurie Peake.


High Desert Test Sites, AtoZ West, Joshua Tree. Walking in the desert, spotting Coyotes, swapping sorties and ideas and taking about Copenhagen; we met with friend and current artist in residence at High desert Test Sites, Katherine Ball. Katherine’s blog and research can be seen here: http://highdeserttestsites.com/content/scout-katherine-ball

blog 2Walking through the dry river beds of the Mojave and to Coyote Hole, Joshua Tree Katherine’s research is based in an ongoing investigation into the landscape, to place through a socio ecological perspective, she draws a narrative — a nomadic practice I wondered if this is a kind of future work where art, activism and —their conditions for gathering momentum is based on this constant movement work. Katherine will kindly contribute to the publication and share her ideas and thoughts with us later on.

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