Seed Bomb Workshops

Group photo with Anti Architecture banner.



Seed Bomb workshop with artist Richard Huw Morgan, CIVIC exhibition, Mission Gallery, Swansea.

Readings from Margret Atwood’s Year of the Flood and an impromptu performance by Joan Jones. We used the bombs as tools of urban and architectural critique, bombing unloved verges and empty sites.

Seed Bomb Recipe: Seed Compost, Clay, clay powder or flour, water, seeds – wildflowers or edibles can be used.  Add the compost nd the seeds into one large bowl and mix throughly with your hands. Add the flour clay or powered clay and some water until you get a good consistency – add the water little by little if you’re unsure and mix well until a wet dough has formed. Mix thoughroly by had and from into whatever shapes you want to.

If your’e making round bombs (the size of golf balls) use a cardboard egg tray for them to dry out on. Richard Huw Morgan has devised a dog turd aesthetic which will guarantee nobody will remove your bomb once sited!

IMG_0498 IMG_0493bombs