Tokyo Field Trip + Walls & Space

House of Tomorrow – a school designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, built in 1921. Tokyo.


Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School Myonichikan (自由学園明日館?), the “House of Tomorrow,” is the original building complex of Jiyu Gakuen, designed by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Arata Endo, working as an assistant for Wright’s project constructing the Imperial Hotel, introduced Wright to his acquaintances Yoshikazu and Motoko Hani, who founded Jiyu Gakuen. Impressed by the couple’s self-reliant, Christian-oriented educational philosophy, Wright accepted to undertake the design of their new school.

Built of economical 2 x 4 wood and plaster, Jiyu Gakuen featured a central section with double-height volume and soaring windows facing south onto an open courtyard, with symmetrical wings on the east and west. It was built to child scale, with an architectural richness belying its budget. Myonichikan is also given a Japanese touch by Wright’s extensive use of gray-green Oya stone(from Tochigi Prefecture) for pavements, columns and the lanterns standing in the corridors.

IMG_7519 IMG_7544

Screens, windows and door details.

Dinning hall of the school.