Work Bar

A structure designed and built to be reconfigured or re-used, built by a collective group within the School of Walls and Space.

IMG_4221 IMG_5799

Pre- drilling all the timbers and using a simple bolt construction system meant we created a mecano style construction, enabling us to alter and reuse every part, this was inspired by designers such as Enzo Mari. Built in the old Mural and Fresco room of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Work Bar became a way reactivating a forgotten and underused space. Built  as a base for our beer brewing projects, as a teaching or workshop space and as a space for hosting parties, performances and talks.

As part of the project we also created new adjustable lighting and fitted a basket ball hoop. Work Bar is a flexible space, which is used during school festivals such as Rundgang (annual open studios festival), to host gigs and as adaptable studio / performance space for students of the school.



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An image of the work bar becoming a new structure –  the result of a workshop with Luca Frei, 2015.

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