Vernacular - temporary structure / by Owen Griffiths


‘For want of a generic label, we shall call it vernacular, anonymous, spontaneous, indigenous, rural as the case may be.’

Bernard Rudoflsky Architecture without Architects.

Built in 2 days, with Eifion Porter and Marc Rees as a space for community dialogues and film screenings responding to the building’s architecture and utilising materials at hand. The Tabernacle methodist chapel in Llandudno North Wales, like many chapels in Wales had come to the end of its life. The Tabernacle was gifted by Mostyn Estates in a cultural regeneration partnership project called CALL Culture Action Llandudno - to be reimagined as a new community space. Vernacular was a space to host conversations, screen films and engage people of the town in the ideas and themes of cultural and urban regeneration.  Made from timber offcuts and pew cushions we created a simple building and intervention in the original Festri.

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