National Trust Workshops - Commissioning an Artist / by Owen Griffiths


A series of workshops with Rebecca Spooner, Curator at PEAK Arts for the National Trust and Trust New Art working with three sites across Wales; Colby Woodlands, Dinefwr Castle and Tredegar House. We explored ideas of how to commission an artist and what that would mean for the different locations and properties?

  • How can art be useful?

  • How can culture help bring out the alternative narratives behind these histories to be more inclusive; to discuss colonialism, slavery and Empire - looking beyond the picturesque qualities of a property?

  • How can bring a critical lens to heritage practice?

  • How can we link to local economies and communities?

  • How do we work with agendas of sustainability and land management through culture?

  • How do we explore risk and failure?

  • How do we de-institionalise ourselves?

Posters and text works which explore some of the ideas and statements the groups have made over the period of the sessions.

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