TREHERBERT - Project Skyline

Treherbert is a village situated at the top of the Rhondda Fawr valley, overlooked by the spectacular flat-headedspur mountain Pen Pych. In Autumn 2018, a Festival of Ideas brought together over 100 community members to share a meal, a walk and a conversation. Together with Melissa Appleton I was asked to curate and coordinate the event. We invited Sakina Sheiklh of PLATFROM London to join us and speak to the agendas of change, reconnection and radical remaining of our resources. Looking at the links between our industrial heritage, claimant change, empire and power structures. Exmainig our own Welsh radical history and the ideas of resistance and re-imaging.

We celebrated the people and places of Treherbert,. creating culture maps - mixing biodiversity wit and found that the history of our village can fuel its future. Further mapping workshops and a creative writing course held at Pen Pych Community Primary School have evolved the proposal you see here.

This valley is our resource

This place, this land, this future

The soil, the rivers, the hills

Imagine all we took was returned

Mining the Imagination not the land

Sustaining community identity 

Re-modelling community ownership

Let the work of re-imagining begin!